Wall to wall carpets

In order to preserve the wall-to-wall carpets in our homes and offices, ongoing and proper maintenance by vacuuming the dust it is not enough.
Over time, the carpet accumulates dust and sand that becomes compressed deep into the carpet, causing the accelerated wearing away of the carpet and a shabby look in its appearance.
Therefore, from time to time, it is necessary for professional, in-depth cleaning to be carried out by the professional teams of Argaman Carpets who acquired knowledge, experience and professional competence. The teams are furnished with advanced equipment and materials.
When the time comes to clean and renew the appearance of the existing carpets, we decide on the method of cleaning that exactly suits the characteristics of the carpet in question and address the following parameters:

    • Type of fiber – wool, synthetic or mixed.
    • Quality of fiber – percentage of wool or nylon dispersed in it, the thickness of the fiber and its density.
    • Mode of weaving – by hand, industrial.
    • Type of fiber – hairy, close cut, wavy, boucle.
    • Quality of colors in carpet.
    • Age of carpet and estimation of wear.

We take care to stand at the forefront of technology and are equipped with cleaning machines of the most advanced and sophisticated in the market.
Many times we carry out an updating of the cleaning machines in our possession, in accordance with the needs that arise in the area and on the basis of our wide experience of many years in the field, in order to provide all our clients with the optimal service. In parallel, we take care to use high quality and proper detergents and here we leave our stamp also – some of the materials are compounds that are the fruits of our development and we make them up at our factory. These materials are ours exclusively and cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning in Offices

The cleaning services we offer include – a meeting at your offices with a professional representative of our company. In the framework of the meeting, the company representative will assess the type of carpet in your possession and he will provide his professional opinion regarding the type of treatment recommended. Further to the professional opinion and consultation, we will coordinate with you a date on which a skilled and professional team will be sent by us in order to perform the cleaning.
You are invited to contact us with any query, by means of the contact form on the right or by telephone number:

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