Carpets cleaning

Artistic Carpet Cleaning of Hand-Made Carpets

Thorough and professional cleaning, and in the case of hand-made carpets, artistic cleaning, is not simply the act of removing the dirt. Professional cleaning restores the original flexibility and softness to the hair of the carpet and its base. The hair gets back the right measure of its natural, essential oiliness as protection against external hazards and damage. This oiliness ensures the softness of the fiber and its flexibility and so prevents it from splitting and crushing.
Cleaning restores the carpet’s vitality and highlights its colors which become dull when the accumulation of dirt creates a uniform, grayish covering over the surface of the carpet. Moreover, the carpet’s natural shine is restored, giving it a fresh and healthy appearance.

The carpet cleaning procedure
is complex and comprises a number of stages:

  1. Removal of dust and sand.
  2. Matching the detergents to the type of carpet, its current condition and age.
  3. Procedure of complete washing and removal of dirt and detergents.
  4. Professional wringing.
  5. Controlled drying.

-The cleaning procedure is performed while preserving the colors of the carpet.

In recent years, modern hand-made carpets entered the carpet market. These are different from the classic examples with which we are familiar, such as: Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Afghan, Indian, Chinese carpets, etc.

Modern, hand-made carpets are characterized by their combination of different materials (e.g. viscose, leather, cotton, rope, and combinations of wool, silk and synthetics), the different type of weaving (sometimes accompanied with a lining on the back of the carpet) and the combination of different heights – which requires complex treatment with a combination of different cleaning materials.

Other carpets that returned to the carpet market in recent years, are leather carpets made from cow, zebra, sheep leather and the like. It should be noted that these carpets pass special cleaning and processing procedures.

Professional Cleaning of Machine-Made Carpets

As with hand-made carpets, the type of cleaning and detergents need to be adapted to the type of material with which the carpet was woven. Machine-made carpets are mostly made from wool, dyed with chemical colors and synthetic materials like nylon, polypropylene and more.

Professional cleaning will restore its original flexibility and softness to the hair of the carpet and will highlight its colors which became dull and blurred as a result of the accumulation of dirt, creating a uniform, grayish covering over the surface of the carpet. Moreover, in the case of machine-made carpets made from wool, the cleaning restores the same natural shine, providing the carpet with a fresh and healthy appearance.


Following are a number of display photos/pictures of carpet cleaning:
(All the pictures are scanned from stills photography and may be seen in our offices)

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