Car upholstery cleaning

Argaman provides a service that includes professional consultation and opinion, the providing of a price quote by a professional representative and the cleaning of the interior of the car by a professional and skilled cleaning team, trained by the company.
The company’s services include:

  1. Professional consultation
  2. Cleaning of car upholsteries (material/leather)
  3. Car Carpet cleaning
  4. Cleaning of plastic
  5. Treatment in neutralizing odors

The car serves many of us almost like a second home, and it is no wonder – whether we spend a lot of time in the car or whether it is only intended for short journeys – that our car represents us, in our eyes and in the eyes of others.
Just as is important to us that our house will always be clean and tidy, for our own respect and to respect our guests – this is exactly the case also when our car is concerned.
There are a lot of ways to clean a car – you can clean only the exterior, only the interior, it is possible to perform general cleaning operations and it is also possible to clean the car thoroughly.
In order to create an effect of cleanliness all over your car, and to perform a thorough cleaning operation, so that the car will shine like new, you need to pay attention to all the details and not to neglect any part of the car. Thorough cleaning activities start at the corners that apparently nobody sees, and continue on to all the places that are more prominent.
In addition to taking care to polish every corner of the car, the clever way to perform cleaning activities is to use materials which are appropriate and which will guarantee long-term cleaning, without causing damage to the upholstery or – even worse – to the car chassis.

Types of cleaning of car upholsteries

With us at Argaman, carpets and upholsteries, receive a service that includes professional consultation and opinion, the providing of a price quote by a professional representative and the interior cleaning of the car by a professional and skilled team, trained by the company.
We place emphasis on every state of cleaning and therefore divide the process into a number of stages:

  • Cleaning of car upholstery – Material/leather when all types of upholstery pass the appropriate process to remove the dirt from the depths of the upholstery and not only form the top layers.
  • Cleaning of car carpets– these carpets cover the floor and roof of the car, and the accumulation of dust and dirt in these areas is the highest in the car, and thus requires deep and professional cleaning in a number of stages.

  • Cleaning of plastic – in different vehicles, there are different types and qualities of plastic (that can be combined with other materials, like wood, aluminum, leather, Sky leather and more). The plastic is not only integrated in the dashboard but also in the doors, handles and next to the seats, and thus there is need for professional knowledge, ability ans equipment in order to reach a result that will preserve and renew the appearance at the highest level.
car clean

Thorough car upholstery cleaning that focuses on the small details enables the car to look shiny and sparkling, and creates the impression that the car has been well kept and looked after.
This is important for many goals, including the changing of ownership, when a clean and well kept car will sell much more easily than a neglected one. It is known that first impression is of prime importance in many areas, and it will also be a determining factor in this case. Thus, the cleaning of the car is extremely significant and this is what decides the future fate of the car.
Not only relevant when the fate of the car is concerned, but a clean car can also determine your fate. A clean car invites important visitors to it, and enables you to appear more sparkling than ever when you travel in the car.
The choice to perform thorough car cleaning is a guaranteed, long-term investment – an investment that it is worthwhile to make in the place that is qualified exactly for this purpose.
In addition, we perform cleaning of yachts and planes.


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