Carpet cleaning, carpet repair and their preservation are arts in themselves. Dozens of years of experience have bestowed us with an international reputation for the preservation, restoration and cleaning of carpets. We treat every carpet with sensitivity, while maintaining the work of the artist and the diverse weaving traditions. We make use of exclusive materials, while placing emphasis on the long-term preservation of the carpet and so provide professional consultation services on the subjects of preservation, maintenance and cleaning of carpets.

Argaman was founded in 1952 by the father of Shlomo Yerushalmi, second generation in carpet cleaning and repair from Persia, an expert in artistic carpets and of international renown in the field. Today, the company is managed together with his grandchildren, third generation in carpet cleaning and repair, and has tens of thousands of private and business customers.

hand made carpet repairing

The Company’s services include:

  • Cleaning of hand-made and machine-made movable carpets.
  • Repair of hand-made and machine-made movable carpets.
  • Cleaning of wall-to-wall carpets.
  • Cleaning of material and leather upholsteries.
  • Restoration of carpets and upholsteries from fire/water damage.
  • Cleaning of cars, yachts and planes.
  • Professional consultation.
  • Professional service opposite insurance companies and assessors. Provision of assessment and valuation of carpets.
  • Sale of second-hand movable carpets.

נקוי שטיח

The service includes professional consultation, insurance and transportation from the customer’s home, free of charge.
Among our customers are tens of thousands of institutional and private customers, including:

The Israeli Museum, the President’s Residence, the Weizmann Institute of Science Memorial Museum, the Israeli Knesset, the Discount Bank, the First International Bank, Mediterranean Towers Retirement Home, Ahuzat Poleg – Retirement Home, Bayit Bakfar, Dor Energy, Chemipal, Ordan, Supergas, Itamar Carpets, Carmel Carpets, insurance and assessor companies and more.

Argaman Offices
For your convenience, we offer support in various languages:
Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Persian

You are invited to contact us for every query



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