Repair of tears and filling

Repair of tears in the carpet

Tears in the carpet start from microscopic bursts in the back of the carpet, which are caused by a number of factors, such as:
• Folding of the carpet in an incorrect manner
• Dry carpet back
• An action of pulling the carpet from under heavy furniture and so on
The procedure of mending the tears is performed in a number of ways and in accordance with the type of carpet and its condition. The repair is carried out by hand and sometimes raw materials for strengthening are used.

Artistic Implantation

Implantation in carpets is done by matching pieces from remnants of carpets.
There are a number of criteria for successful implantation:
• A large choice of remnants, which accumulated in our company over many years.
• Correct matching of the implant from the point of view of the pattern, the material from which the implant was made, the density of the material and the artistic joining.
• Implantation is carried out on hand-made and machine-made carpets.
• Implantation is sometimes proposed as an alternative option to the restoration of carpets which are not of high value.‫

Restoration and Filling

Artistic restoration is performed in cases where there are missing places in the carpet, by means of restoring the crisscross threads of the carpet, according to the type of material from which it is made.
Afterwards, the procedure of the wool dyeing and filling is carried out, corresponding to the colors of the carpet, its pattern and type of knot according to the work of the original artist.
There are a number of criteria for performing the restoration:
Artistic work performed by an artist with experience of many years.
Matching the type of material (wool or silk).
Dyeing of the material in a natural process in order to reach the exact, original color.
Filling the area of the tear according to the pattern.

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