Lining and Finishing


Lining is material or “jute”, that is stuck or sown to the back of the carpet or tapestry and constitutes general strengthening to the back.
Some carpets are manufactured with original lining that becomes worn out in time. In such case, there is need to change the lining and renew it.
In cases where there are many bursts in the back of the carpet and weakening of the base of the carpet, lining is used to provide support to the original back and to strengthen the whole carpet.

The finishing of the lining is accomplished by borders or strengthening ribbon, and in some cases by hand sewing.
In the case of tapestries and hanging carpets, good quality material with strengthening is joined by hand sewing to the length and breadth of the material, while in its upper part a sleeve is created, according to request, along the width of the fabric in order to insert the hanging rod.


At the production stage of machine-made carpets a procedure is carried out to toughen the back of the carpet. With use and over the years, this material wears out and there is need to renew it.

Finishing (starch), material that is spread over the back of the carpet in order to bring back the natural stiffening to the back of the carpet.

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