Color separation

Hand-made carpets, in particular the Persian carpets, “suffer” from a lack of color stability.
Therefore, in the case of flooding, dampness or unprofessional treatment, the colors will run over the whole surface of the carpet and the original pattern is harmed.
It is recommended to send a carpet that is damaged and has color running for professional treatment as soon as possible and near to the date of the damage, when the carpet is still wet or damp and the results of the color restoration are optimal.

Dozens of years of experience, knowledge and advanced technology have provided us with the ability to perform professional and deep cleaning of hand-made carpets, while preserving the sharpness and stability of the colors of the carpet.

Separation of colors is an art in itself that requires extensive knowledge, experience and artistic expertise.

Argaman Carpets, the leading company in the field, succeeds in restoring carpets with color running and returning them to their initial state, without harming their value.

Today the company is internationally renowned in the field and amongst its business clients in Israel and abroad are insurance companies, assessors, insurance agents, and tens of thousands of private customers.

(All the pictures were scanned from stills photography, without graphics software editing and can be viewed at our offices.)

water damage

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