Carpet Stretching

A phenomenon that mainly characterizes wool carpets, woven crisscross with wool, is the “wave phenomenon” in carpets.
These carpets are inclined to shrink and broaden, in different places on their surface, which causes them to become distorted and creates kinds of “waves” in them. These waves prevent the carpet from spreading out in a uniform manner over the floor and create a number of problems:
1. Safety problems – the waves in the carpet are an obstacle to walking and can cause stumbling as a result.
2. Quick wearing away of the carpet in the place where the “waves” protrude. Rubbing of the hair until tearing lengthways and widthways.
3. Aesthetic damage – the carpet is spread out in a distorted way that is not becoming to a high quality carpet.
Distortion in carpets, as mentioned above, is already present in some carpets at the weaving stage. In fact, asymmetry is one of the marks of distinction of such carpets and testifies to those same original, wandering carpets.
However, in other cases, the distortion is the result of bad and improper use of the carpet, like hanging on a rail/banister, hanging in general or carpet beating.
Alternatively, the distortion can be the result of amateur drying of the carpet after it got wet for any reason.
In any event, this problem can be solved by stretching. This action requires special mechanical equipment found only among the experts in the field.

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